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Early Season Fun!

Since my last post, the weather is becoming more settled, it’s definitely getting warmer (about time I hear you say) and the fly life around the river is increasing. Before starting on the Dwyfor news, the first Welsh international trials were held on Llyn Trawsfynydd on the 26th and 27th of April, only 1 of our members was involved. Carl managed a respectable 9th position on the Sunday in a very hard fought competition with catches being few and far between. With a bit of luck during the next trial, our own secretary Geraint Pritchard and Grandson Aled Hughes (Making his senior trial debut) will also be involved, best of luck to them next month.

With regards to the Dwyfor, it has been very quiet on the fishing front. We all know fishermen have their own habits for the season. The Dwyfor is no exception, one of the “rules” most of the fishermen abide by is the “No point fishing until after the Criccieth fair” rule… Since the fair is usually held at the end of May/start of June, it’s no big surprise that it’s very uncommon to meet a fisherman on the river before then. Another one of these so called “Rules” is the one the majority of anglers abide by is the “No fishing until after the first flood of the season” rule. Reason being is the first flood usually gives the river a thorough clean ready for the season! Thankfully, this season, it’s come early, therefore the river is clean and prepared for the anglers!

To break the no early season fishing trend, I went out for an hour tonight (14/05/14) to see whether this sudden change in the weather could tempt a few brownies on the dry fly. I’m happy to report that it did! Having gone down to Llanystumdwy by 5.30pm with the intention of fishing the new pools (First 5 noted pools on the map), Deio’s and Penmaenmawr pools. Setting out with the usual floating line, 9ft6 rod with 4lb line armed with a small black hopper and an olive hopper on the point the fun began.

The first pool allowed a brownie to be tempted by the black hopper with a ferocious take but unfortunately came unstuck, another 5 casts in the pool resulted in 3 more follows and a couple of bigger swirls around the fly, but no more takes. The casts kept coming as I moved up the pools after spending a good 10minutes on each. It wasn’t until Penmaenmawr when things got a little more interesting, rising trout at the head and tail of the pool. A quick cast to cover resulted in a nice solid take on the black hopper once again, this time, I was fortunate to land it. A very nice hard fighting brownie typical of the River Dwyfor! A few more casts to cover rising fish resulted in more swirls but unfortunately no connections apart from the one which swirled over the black hopper only to take the olive and to shake loose after a moment of madness of jumps and runs, all part of the fun with these browns!! So, with that being said, the brownie action on the river is definitely on the rise, and with more good weather being promised, why not pop down onto the river and see whether you can tempt a few browns on light gear? I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Another point of interest for those of you who are complete novices and are tempted to give fishing a try, there is an open day being run at Eisteddfa Fishery in Pentrefelin where there is a chance to be instructed on fly casting by our club’s coaches as well as the chance to catch fish up to double figures at this Troutmasters Waters. More details on this to follow.

That’s all from me for now, any queries, please let us know by email, send us a tweet @dwyforangling or on facebook on Dwyfor Angling Association.

Dwyfor Brown Trout caught and returned at Penmaenmawr Pool in Llanystumdwy.

Welcome to the new website!

First of all, can I on behalf of the Dwyfor Angling Association Committee welcome you to the brand new website! With this blog, we hope you will receive up to date news on what’s going on during the seasons! Worth noting that we are also on Facebook as the group “Cymdeithas Enweiriol Afon Dwyfor Angling Association” so please “Like” the page and let us know what you think.

On the site we’ve tried to incorporate as much help and info that you want to know about the river, everything from pictures and descriptions of pools, ongoing projects as well as simple tips for new anglers to bear in mind.

At time of writing, The Dwyfor has been at a constant high! Unfortunately it’s come 4 months too late for us fishermen! As I watch the river flowing in a nice chocolate colour through the arches in Llanystumdwy Bridge, I can’t help myself but think “What if the season was extended? And how would our catch returns turn out?” Unfortunately, we won’t know, for the next few years at least.

There is a belief between the anglers in the club that the running fish are coming up in the later months as the years progress. Since our season finishes in October, we generally think that we’re missing the main runs. With seemingly quieter seasons on the catching front in the last few years for both Salmon and Sea Trout, these are worrying times. On the bright side, there have been good reports for the number of Sea Trout being caught last season which is very encouraging to say the least!

During the forthcoming months, working parties will be organised for routine maintenance along the river bank. If any member would be interested in helping, please forward a message to the secretary with your details who can in turn let the appropriate individuals know.

A note to individuals new to Angling, if you are interested in learning more about fishing and the different methods for what water level and key points and tips, please let us know! The Association has a qualified Level 1 Coach in Carl Williams whom will be happy to help.

The first date for your diary is the Afon Dwyfor Angling Association Annual General Meeting which will be held in the Marine Hotel, Criccieth on Friday the 17th January 2014 at 7.30pm. A warm welcome to all.
Here’s hoping for an excellent season in 2014! Tight Lines to all!

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