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Read below for some tips and tutorials for fly fishing!

Simple ledger Set-Up for worm fishing.

You will need:

  • Rod
  • Fixed Spool Reel
  • Line (~4-8lb Low water, ~15-20lb on flood)
  • Hooks (Anything from a size ~14-8)
  • Weights (NO LEAD TO BE USED)
  • Small Swivels.

Step 1: Fix rod pieces together and add reel. Run line through eyes of the rod and pull rod length of line from the top.

Step 2: Cut between 20 and 40cm of line from the main line. Slide the weight onto the main line and tie a swivel end on the bottom with a blood knot.

Step 3: Tie the short length of line to the other end of the swivel and tie the hook at the end. Tie both with a blood knot.

Step 4: Grab the pot of worms and away you go!

How to tie a Blood Knot:

Please click on the images to take a look at the full instructions.

Step 1:




Step 2



Step 3







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